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Sun Jun 15 16:27:21 CDT 2008

Blue Hen Hash # 6 (well number 6 for the year of 2008)

When? Friday, June the 20th, 2008, 7pm HST

Where? Newark Resevior, we shall?meet in the parking lot.

Why? Because Friday night hashes rock, and because Butthead/ Badlay?may not be able to hare his trail cause he's out visting the grand canyon or something. So I gotz some replacement hares.
Hash Cash? 5 bucks

Dog Friendly? Not sure.

Hares: Death Wish and Yeast of Burden, Our good friends from Harrisburg Hershey wanted to assure everybody that trail shall be no longer than 2 miles and have no less than 5 drink stops, so If your legs are feeling sore and your liver is feeling strong, this should be a good one for you. 

Oh yeah, there is an issue of my minor annoyance that I like to bring to the attention of whoever?happens?to be in?charge of our mailing list, or list-serve, this week. The reason I'm e-mailing the trail info is because when the hares tried mailing it to us, their message got bounced back to them with some shit about it having to be approved by a moderator, because they haven't officially signed up to that list or something. I believe Skidmarks had the same problem a month ago for his trail. Moderator?! I didn't know we had one, so a quick question for our "Moderator." How come some jackass, that we don't know, whose trying to sell us fitness equipment and tickets to fitness conventions, not to mention the Nigerian oil?tycoon and the Chinese warehouse manager, have no problem getting their messages through, but people who are actually haring trails for us do?!!??

Just something we need to work on.

On! On!

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