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Sun Mar 23 20:32:44 CDT 2008

Here Ye!, Here Ye!


Blue Hen Hashers


Since the state of affairs is the way it is, since the rest of the slobbering pack has remained publicly silent for the last few days, or at least no one else has tried to talk to me about it, and since I got nothing better to do than write this e-mail tonight…


I… Hereby Decree….by the powers invested in me as GM, from which I was elected by a land slide margin of 1-0,  that Fuk Stik’s proposition of haring a trail on Sunday the sixth of April, at 2:pm HST, somewhere around here, that will now be our AGM, is now passed into motion. I’d like this to be another crazy, fun event, with people there, at least a few more than the last one had. Judging by our success at the 15th anniversary, that should be possible. I don’t know if it’s a good time or not, but its so hard to tell these days.


Offices that I suggest we fill. If you all have any more suggestions, speak up.


General Manager Fuckup (Currently Held by MF Poppins)


Religious Advisor (Currently Held by Thfkas)


Hash Cash (Currently held by Toxic Waste)


Hare Raiser (Currently held by Vaseline Alley, say, where you been for the last 9 months VA?)


Hash Harlot  (We didn’t have a suitable candidate for this position to elect at last years AGM, But I got a real good idea who this years oughta be)


So,  Blue Henners, where ever you are. If you’d like to be nominated for a position, or you’d like to keep this year’s incumbents from retaining their titles, or you’d like to avoid a member of another hash taking an office at ours, than speak up and show up! Whatever Wedding, Funeral, Bachelor Party, Baby Shower, Computer Show, or Comic Book Convention you were planning on going to surely can’t be that important. However I would like to request that you or who ever you nominate be capable of making it out to at least 4 hashes this year and be willing to hare at least one trail. It would be nice if we could give Thfkas a break, from haring almost every trail, especially since he has another rug rat on the way, so I’ve heard. 


So that’s Sunday April 6th, 2pm HST, somewhere around here (Newark). Location to be announced soon.


Oh yeah, and I’m supposed to be helping to hare a trail for that other hash in the area, this coming Saturday, at Harmony Industrial Park on Ruthar Drive, at around building 125, if anybody feels like getting out of the house. The trail should be pretty good, as long as it doesn’t rain. And if it does rain it should be even better, nothing is more fun than going down a mudslide. 


On! On!


Your probabally,


Soon to be former,




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