[BH4] update on Schedule??#!!!

jaws099 at aol.com jaws099 at aol.com
Mon May 19 18:17:36 CDT 2008

Hey Blue Henners,

I missed Yesterday's trail by about 30 minutes, so I can't do much of a write up, If someone else would like to, once again feel free. It appeared we had a lot of people especially considering the weather. 

I think I'd rather hare trail the weekend of May 31st-32nd, uh?I mean June 1st. In honor of me turning the big 30, Yikes! I will soon be one of your?fellow senior citizens.?

If someone else wants to hare trail this, Memorial Day weekend feel free. Otherwise, there's a Dewey?Beach hash on Sunday, that I never get up early?enough to go to. And otherwise I guess I'll see some of you at He Needed the Money's famous annual?Memorial Day?Party, assuming he's having that again this year.?

Just trying to do a better job of being hare razor than I did at GM, ha, ha.

On! On!??

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