[BH4] hash reminder

Tim Conrad redcorn71 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 23:25:26 CST 2008

on on hashers,
Just a reminder that there will be a hash this Sunday, Nov. 16th, at 3pm.
Guess what???  Hash cash will be only TWO DOLLARS for this one!!!
Vaseline got the beer for cheap so he's passing the savings on to you...
Start point will be 3 E Main St, MIDDLETOWN, Del. 19709, 3:00PM Hash standard time, (3:10 more likely in real time)
dog friendly-- probably
baby friendly-- accomodations will be made
officer friendly-- if he wants to hash, he can come, too.
Vaseline Alley will offer a car pool from his house or the BJ's across the street (more parking there) for those unfamiliar with or unwilling to drive to Middletown.
on out.

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