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As you can see , I didn't get to the hotel until late :-( Must admit I'd like to run with the BH4 hash, but Middletown seems to be a long way from Wilmington.  You mention a car pool from Vaseline Alley's house, where is that?  How would I get to either the run  start or VA's house from Downtown Wilmington?

Oh well it's worth asking, hope to hear from you.  My contact number is +44 7786961101, or you can call the hotel (a lot cheaper for you), 302-429-07600, I'm in room 705, nerd name Bryan Munday

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Yorky Porky

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 03:59:38 -0800
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Subject: Re: Saturday 15th hash
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here's the info for today's and tomorrow's hash.  forgot to mention that the run should be finished 4:30 to 5ish and we do do a on-after, folks usually hang for 2+hours

What: Hockessin hash #740

Where: Park and ride at the corner of Rt. 896 & Rt 4, across from the
Bob Carpenter Center in Newark directions: from PA take 95 south to Rt. 896
north exit toward
Newark.  Go a 4 lights and  the park and ride will be on your
right. If you need to GPS something we will be across from 631 S. 
College Ave, Newark DE 19716.

When: Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 3:00

Who: Stungun & Seen Your Panties

What Else:   Stungun turns 50!!! And its the Semper Fi # ???
Blue Hen Hash Sunday, Nov. 16th, at 3pm.
Guess what???  Hash cash will be only TWO DOLLARS for this one!!!
Vaseline got the beer for cheap so he's passing the savings on to you...
Start point will be 3 E Main St, MIDDLETOWN, Del. 19709, 3:00PM Hash standard time, (3:10 more likely in real time)
dog friendly-- probably
baby friendly-- accomodations will be made
officer friendly-- if he wants to hash, he can come, too.
Vaseline Alley will offer a car pool from his house or the BJ's
across the street (more parking there) for those unfamiliar with or
unwilling to drive to Middletown.

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Subject: Saturday 15th hash

Hi Hornblower,

For once not hash organization but work means that this email is so late.  I will be coming to Wilmington tomorrow (Saturday) and whilst I don't think there is much chance of me making the start of the run (my plane lands at 14:15 at PHL), I wondered how long you hung around after the run (is there an On After?) and if was worth me trying to get to you after I've dropped my stuff off at the hotel?  If you could tell me how to get to the run site from Downtown Wilmington (or how much a cab should cost), and if it would be worth my while given I think it is likely to be 5pm by the time I get there that would be great.  Failing that if you could tell me any decent places to go in downtown Wilmington, I'd be very grateful.

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YorkyPorky (GM Catch Hare H3 London)

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