[BH4] New S&M Man Verse

James Brabson james.m.brabson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 18:29:52 CDT 2009

Okay, so many of you got this on a different mailing list, but since 
it's hash related, I thought I'd cross post.

We have an under-construction but working new special verse for S&M Man:

    Who can take a saw-zaw
        crowd: who can take a saw-zaw
    hide it in her toys
        crowd: hide it in her toys
    slice it up and through her
    til she makes a shrieking noise
    The HANDY man can
    The Handy man can
    cuz he's a stupid prat who makes her hole no good,
    her hole no good

Feel free to make suggestions.

For those who don't know, this verse is based on a special real-life 
circumstance as described below:

We've all seen the videos.  People putting sex toys on power tools 
(cordless or otherwise) and using them on each other.  Because after 
all, we wouldn't want to get tennis elbow while pleasuring each other, 
right?  Well, it finally happened.  Some dumb-sh*t took a 'sex toy' and 
connected it to his reciprocating saw.  Trick is, all he did was shove 
the latex and/or plastic toy onto the BLADE of the reciprocating saw.  
He called 911 on March 9th, because it turns out that saw blades can cut 
through latex and/or plastic, and after they've made that short trip, 
they then get to work on the flesh surrounding the latex and/or plastic, 
and in doing so 'severely wounded the woman'.


-Title 18, Section 2423  (See you at the Apr 5th Hash!)

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