[BH4] AGM elections

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Sun Mar 29 23:10:52 CDT 2009

Dearest Blue Henners,

We are now on the eve of our next AGM, next?Sunday April 5th, 2pm, location?to be announced soon. So just a reminder, here are the offices currently up for elections..........

Religious Advisor- Currently held by THFKAS

Hash Cash- Currently held by Toxic Waste

Hash Harlot- Currently held by Beardless Clam

Hare Razor and Hash Trash- Currently held by Mary Fucking Poppins

GMF- Currently held by Bad Lay 

We no longer have a Grand Master at Blue Hen, we have a General Manager Fuckup, I decreed this when I elected myself to that position at the 2007 AGM

Once again, I ask in vain, that whoever you turds choose to elect, please consider a hasher who is somewhat willing and able to fulfill the obligations of that office. 

Hope to see a few of you there,


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