[BH4] Blue Hen AGM

James Brabson james.m.brabson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 13:53:40 CDT 2009

By the way - bonus points for crossing I-95 via the nearby branch of the 
Christina River!

James Brabson wrote:
> 3PM sounds good to me.  Also looks like a great nearby but 
> nowhere-near-overdone place to start a trail.  I've run past it with 
> Hockessin, but Blue Hen doesn't usually venture that far out.  My vote 
> is for crossing I-95!!!!  (Connectiv is right there, I'll bet Tyler 
> could give some suggestions about beer checking through their land)
> Avocado Tom wrote:
>> hey all,
>> I sent an email to the blue hen list earlier in the week but it 
>> didn't go through.  (Probably a good thing though, as we've changed 
>> plans)
>> Anyway, the AGM will start in the Salem Village Square parking lot.  
>> For google maps purposes, please use
>> 22 Salem Village Square, Newark, DE 19713
>> There are both a Domino's Pizza and a Dunkin' Donuts in that shopping 
>> mall for reference purposes.
>> What do you folks think of a 3 pm run start?  I know it's later than 
>> the usual 2 pm, but it might give us a little more time on the 
>> scouting and general organizational foo.  Just a thought.
>> ON ON!
>>  Fuk Stik
>> ---
>> "We are MoTown.  We are professionals.  We're here to get the job done."

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