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James Warner brightblueball at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 06:51:08 CDT 2010


I'm not sure which email address is correct, so I sent this message to both.
My name is Jaime.  I lived in Seattle for a few years a good while ago.
While I was there, I fell in with a group of hashers thanks to my roommate.
I've never been so sick and so healthy at once.

I now live here and I work for Eastern Mountain Sports in the Concord Mall.
I was asked to help get the word out about a special event that we do
each year called Club Day.  There is a ridiculous discount involved
for members of outdoor groups and I thought that I'd see if there
were any hashing groups around.

I've attached a PDF that explains it all.  It's this Friday and Saturday.
If anyone in your organization would like to take advantage of this,
please forward this message to them.

On-On !!!

Jaime M. Weiner
Eastern Mountain Sports
Concord Mall Wilmington

brightblueball at gmail.com
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