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This was originally dated on Dec 3rd, but I've been traveling...

"OH3 Hashers

With tears welling up in my eyes and great sadness I post to this list 
of the tragic loss that we suffered this past Saturday.

We literally lost our dearly beloved Mommy's Murple on trail, a hasher 
who didn't have a mean bone in his body, could run faster than the wind 
and whose smile was so infectious it might be a long time before we will 
all be able to smile again without it in our circle. We are in complete 
and utter shock... Those of you in Okinawa may have gotten to know him 
at Nash Hash.

What had started out as beautiful November day with a lovely 
shiggilicious eagle trail through the nether regions of the greater 
Iwakuni area... ended up in tragedy when veteran hasher more than 100 
runs (quite impressive in IWSH3 which only runs 2 times a month... only 
6 other hashers own that headband) and super fast FRB, the ire of all 
hares... died in the most inaccessible part of the trail, deep in head 
high ferns and up a 55 to 65 degree incline to the saddle of mountain... 
Unfortunately despite over an hour of CPR by members of our hash and us 
amazingly finding him curled up in the pitch black and escorting the 
EMTs to his location we were unable to revive his cold body. More tragic 
for us was he was an amazing runner in the kind of shape as Ghost 
Rider... he went down at the very beginning of the trail one of the last 
places we suspected him to be... as we operating our search on the 
premise that he had fallen and could not get out on his own searching 
the whole trail and the steep portions of the beginning.

All signs point to that he may have suffered a heart attack but at this 
point we don't know. We tragically mourn his loss and would ask that our 
mother hash and brother and sister hashers pour a little beer out in his 
honor and hold your drinking vessels high and have a down down in 
Mommy's Murple's  honor. The only saving grace of having to deal with 
the droves of agents from the Japanese side and the US side... Japanese 
National Police, Coroners, PMO, CID and NCIS escorting them complaining 
up the mountain to where he laid is that we found him first and Murple 
as he commonly referred to here, died doing what he loved and with those 
friends he most enjoyed to spend his time with.

There may be ramifications that springs out from this we don't know (the 
Japanese translator for either the police or PMO went off in quite a 
rude description of the hash... "Oh the hash is involved in this, that 
group no wonder... to the Japanese EMTs grouping to hike up ... "it's a 
group of trouble makers who... there was more but I had divorce myself 
from eavesdropping on his conversation in Japanese as I about ready to 
tear his fucking head off for being so insensitive at the hour of our 
greatest tragedy) maybe he thought since it was only gaijin around that 
maybe we wouldn't understand... fortunately everyone else we dealt with 
was at least empathetic to our tragedy.

We pray nothing more comes of it than the tragic loss of his smile in 
our circle and so far at least from the US side they have been quite 
sympathetic.... but as OH3 is no stranger to witch hunts that are born 
out of different innocent incidents that have occurred that somehow get 
lead back to the so called "deviant" behavior that some puritan 
authority figure with an axe to grind makes us hashers out to have. I 
ask that you stay vigilant and caution as the news of his tragic loss 
filters through the military grape vines.

On in utter shock On+++>
3 Dogs Fucking"

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