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So we had our 6th hash of the year, Saturday Junethe 26th, 2010 AD. The slobbering pack met up at the parking lot ofStateline liquors on a rather warm Saturday afternoon. 
Hashers Present: Title 18, Toxic Waste, Mary FuckingPoppins, Quato, Squats on Request, Turkey Bayster, Cause for Blindness,Flounder, Just Brian and many, many others.
Thfkas was the hare for this merry long ass trail. We getpointed in the direction of the first mark and off we go in the direction ofthe De state line.
On! On!
We run through an apartment complex ground, then to a verylarge pond. Hashers decide to go around rather than across. The virgin, justBrian, seems to be the only one interested in running on this trail, eventuallyhe loses that along with his cherry. Then, Oooo! great, we get our first of twoam track track crossings. And, then into the woods and a swamp. We find asnake, that lucky for us just ate something. 
On! On!
Trail goes through a creek. Title 18 wants to keep his longpants dry for as long as possible and attempts to parallel us on the high anddry shore.
On! On!
Trail goes out onto Otts Chapel Road, and then into anotherapartment complex, where we find the first BN right in front of TurkeyBayster’s pad, and there is Turkey Bayster with a case of cold Rolling Rocks.We enjoy out brews out back in the shade, waiting for the summer breeze to pickup. But it didn’t.
On! On!
We are back on trail again through the muck and woods andcreek again somewhere on the DE/MD state line. We come down to the end of WestChestnut Hill Rd, I had never been to the end of West Chestnut Hill Road, to meit was kind of like a mythical place, like the end of the Rainbow, but withThfkas backpack full of booze at the end instead of a pot of gold. We enjoypassing around a Thermos full of Thfkas homemade Mojito, a definite improvementover his usual mix of Gin and Gatorade. We also enjoy a few beers while Title18 tells us of his great adventures in Lost Vegas, and while Cause forBlindness tells some story about combining the two names of two hashers at theBen Franklin Mob, that turned in to some joke that I still don’t get, thatwasted a few bytes on the BH4 e-mail list last week. 
On! On!
We finish our drinks a go back into the woods, and then backacross the amtrack tracks. Our hare assured us this was safe, for earlier thatweek, he sat by the tracks with a stop watch, and claimed you had at least 30seconds between hearing the train and getting run over by the train. But goodthat he said this trail wouldn’t be dog or kid friendly. 
On! On!
Trail goes along side of the huge food packaging plant offElkton Rd and into some more woods for a second, where we find the “On In”sign. And there be a canvas bag full of Lager and Light hidden under someplywood. 
The pack straggles in. MFP steps in for the absent PelvisChestly and does the RA duties, forgetting half the words to all the songs thathe starts singing. Awards and penalties are dished out. Just Brian drinks forbeing a virgin. MFP drinks for being first in. Title 18, Quato, and Squats onRequest drink for Hashus Interruptus, Cause for Blindness and Flounder drinkfor being visitors, and a bunch of other people drink for a bunch of otherreasons. 
After circle we head back to Thfkas pad and enjoy a BBQ onhis back patio, and a shitty good time is had. 
Stay tuned for the next Blue Hen hash hopefully hared bysomebody, hopefully before the end of this month. 
On! On!

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