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Just a reminder.........

What? Blue Hen Hash #7 (of 2010)
When? Saturday, July 31st 2010 AD,7pm HST
Where? The Deer Park Tavern, Main Street, Newark, De,19711
If lost call 555-5575 and learn how to use google maps and aGPS.
Who? Lost Penis, MFP, and a possible mystery hare. 
Why? Because BH4 will be just hours away from missingits July deadline, and in honor of Lost Penis’s 15th phony birthday.
Hash Cash? None! Pay as you go, for we may bestopping at a bar or two or three. 
Sorry! Not dog friendly or kid friendly. No need tobring running clothes. But you may want to keep those stiletto heels at home andput on some walking shoes. Because this isn’t a freaking pub-crawl! Its just ahash that may strongly resemble a pub crawl

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