[BH4] 2/28/10 the hash as I saw and recall it

Pelvis Chestley pelvis_chestley at pgh-h3.com
Tue Mar 9 12:50:40 CST 2010

Yea, what Fuk Stik said....my brain is bleeding.

See you guys soon!  Mwhahahahaha.....

Pelvis Chestley

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 1:42 PM, Avocado Tom Tarka <tommy at roadtrip.net>wrote:

> I understood very little of that.
> ON ON!
>  Fuk Stik
> On Tue, Mar 09, 2010 at 01:21:16PM -0500, Butthead wrote:
> > So H4 had a hash Sunday February 28 because MFP (aka yoho ono Andy) felt
> > compelled from duty and perspiration to set a trail, and because soon it
> > would be March, and that would be too late for a February trail, even by
> > Blue Hen standards, if not the standards of little boy blue.
> > Present were some hashers, like HAFKAS, Toxic Waste, Devil Woman, Crash
> > Test Dummy, Butthead, a stop in mid trail by Early Boy Krieger (aka
> > Comes Early) and follow up appearances by his lovely bride Plunge and
> > Puke and their spawn, The Brazilian dance queen Portaho who acted as
> > hash flash but is thought to have deleted her pictures (or was she
> > missing and deleted some pictures at some following hash like the recent
> > Bumbybirthdayhash....or was it both sets of pics....hmmmm), the RA
> > Skidmarks, a late arrival by Lick N Stick, Amber Alert, and various
> > other people who names may come to me as I relay events that may or may
> > not have transpired.  Perhaps Glownads or the big sis DWP, sheesh, I
> > can’t really be sure (where are those pics?).
> > The pack having decided to hash arrived at the Nottingham Green pool
> > across from Dung Ho’s house in the wonderful Delaware subdivision of
> > none other than Nottingham Green.    The snow pack having modestly
> > retreated, much of the parking lot was accessible, though some
> > apparently had problems.  In any case, the hare gave us directions and
> > set us off.   We explored the area around the pool, and headed off in
> > the general direction of route 273, aka West Main Street.  At some point
> > we met some cops coming from an imagined domestic dispute, or so I
> > imagined, who took some meandering interest in our trapsing through the
> > streets but failed to intervene when faced with our constant jaywalking.
> >  We proceeded to wind through the neighborhood until we arrived at the
> > first beer stop at EB and Plunge and Puke’s (Cherry Bone Her) house,
> > where some of us entered to pee, and others merely consumed some malted
> > beverages in the great outdoors.  CE then joined us for the remainder of
> > the hash, which commenced back up his cul-de-sac and out to Barksdale
> > road, over the Apple Street bridge, and by hug and shrug, on to the the
> > Village Green Town Court, where we trespassed into the former appts.
> > That now serve as rude a mentally dorms, or so the RA’s (resident
> > advisors) inspection notice indicated, where apparently the abominable
> > hash hare is allowed to remain in the presence of the resident students,
> > and we consumed beer in said hare’s appt/dorm.   Alas, soon BH was
> > complaining about the lack of food, and others wanted to exit in order
> > to clean their toe nails, so the hash recommenced towards the back of
> > Cavern Green, past the train tracks, and across Barksdale.  There there
> > was some confusion as to trail, as many hashers, familiar with the
> > scene, figured a left turn was in order in order to visit little boy
> > blew, but instead a right turn was in order and soon we were back on
> > Fisk Drive and progressing on up to the aforementioned pool.  At that
> > point, we found Dung Ho and daughter, and Dung joined us for a bit of
> > civility and nashing, and we entered MFP’s parents house as they were in
> > some EU country and the premises needed to be occupied, where we circled
> > in the basement.  Everyone consumed for nearly every reason, but alas
> > pizza came and the circle was broken, so up we went and consumed copious
> > amounts pizza, salad, bedeviled eggs, fried potato crisps, and perhaps
> > some other goodies until we could eat no more, and fancifully there was
> > pizza remaining.
> >
> > And that’s the way It was.  Good night and Good Luck.
> >
> > BH
> >
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