[BH4] ODDyssey Half Marathon and Hash Category

Carrie Snyder carrie at oddysseyhalfmarathon.com
Wed Mar 10 21:44:31 CST 2010


I am the Race Director of the ODDyssey Half Marathon.  Having run with the
Harriers in the past, I believe our half marathon is a perfect match for all
area hash groups.  The ODDyssey aims to make running fun.  Although a
serious endurance race, our course is full of optional twists and turns.

We would like to challenge the area hash groups to create their own category
for the ODDyssey.  Therefore, we have created a special code for
hash runners to enter upon registration.  If 100 hashers register by May 1st
the ODDyssey will create a special category of prizes just for hash
runners.  A major element of the ODDyssey is the costume contest, tapping
into the tradition of hash groups to run in drag and other various ensembles
with 100 hashers we propose the hashers select a theme for costumes, such as
a dress category.

Please tell members to register for the race using the code - HHHARRIER.
Online registration is open at

If you have additional creative ideas for the harrier category or would like
to be involved in other ways, please let us know.

Thank you,

Carrie Snyder
Race Director - ODDyssey Half Marathon
(765) 729-0691
www.OddysseyHalfMarathon.com <http://www.oddysseyhalfmarathon.com/>
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