[BH4] FWD: Ian Cumming's 80th - Feb 26th

Avocado Tom Tarka tommy at roadtrip.net
Tue Nov 23 13:07:42 CST 2010

I plan on attending this.

FWIW, Ian is the Grandfather of the Blue Hen Hash and was at the 1st run.

on on!
   fuk stik

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Subject: [BFMH3] Ian Cumming's 80th - Feb 26th

Ian Cumming is a hasher that some of you know personally, and most of you have heard of.  He started hashing in Kuala Lumpur in 1960, Singapore in 1962, and my first hash ( New York H3) in 1978.  Singapore is the second oldest hash in the world, and it's doubtful if most of us would be hashing today if not for him.  Anyway NYH3 ( not NYCH3 AKA New York City) is hosting an 80th birthday bash for him Feb 25-27.  The main event will be held in Yonkers NY Saturday, Feb 26th.  Pub crawl Friday night, and Fat Boy for the hung over Sunday AM.

I (we) need to get an idea of numbers, so we can plan accordingly.  We have scouted a venue which can accommodate up to 200, with off road trails right there. Entertainment ,five beers on tap, plus a wine selection with a meal throw in.  Probable cost per...around $50.  Everything is in the planning stage right now , but if you think you're coming...please email me.   Just  a simple "yes".  I can't answer a lot of questions about the event because nothing is set. We will scout hotels in the area, and provide transportation details when we have finalized everything.

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