[BH4] Sandler Open House/Holiday Party

spandox msandler at ded1.com
Wed Nov 24 21:09:48 CST 2010

Ok - here is the dealeo

On Saturday Dec 11th I am going to have a party.  It will start way too 
freaking early as an open house - see the new kitchen and whatnot, and 
end whenever the last person leaves.  I have have food and booze and 
* 	Dec 11th, 2010 (starts at 4pm - but friends probably should be 
thinking more like 8 or 9)
* 	Sandler's Place
* 	109 River Road
* 	Wilmington, DE 19809
* 	I will be opening up my house probably starting in the afternoon  - 
but really partying in the evening
*Child/Pet friendly?
* 	No pets. Children , not prohibited - but they may be bored.
* 	The world - but no jerks please
* 	You may extend invitation to friends and loved ones
*What should I bring?
* 	I will have plenty of everything - you need not bring anything. If 
you must, I won't stop you.
* 	Driveway can accommodate 6 cars if they park wisely - street parking 
*Crash Space:
* 	Some; Let me know and I will see what I can come up with

an RSVP would be nice - so I get an idea of how much booze to buy
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