[BH4] Hashit

Chris Donohue schporto at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 11:43:44 CDT 2011

Dear Bunion-Butt,
	Do you not love me anymore?  I've been good to you.  My former mate kept care of me.  She kept me safe from harm.  But you, you almost seem embarrassed by me.  I was handed over lovingly to you.  And then put away for several weeks.  Only to be taken out and shown to the world because someone mentioned me.  And that was glorious, the taste of beer filling one of my appendages.  Then, the horror, you left me on the side of the road.  Discarded for any stranger to come and take away.
	No more I say!  No more will I be neglected.  I have heard of these Blue Hen Hashers who take better care of their hashit, probably because they don'y have any.  I think I will spend some time with them.  Perhaps visit some of their travelers.  I will be in touch.  
Blue Heners, if you'd like me to visit you, drop a line to THFKAS, and he'll let me know.
The Hockessin Hashit

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