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Yan Zhang yan at h3h.asia
Thu Jun 16 03:29:02 CDT 2011

Dear Blue Hen (Newark) HHH, Blue-h4, Vaseline Alley,

 Hashing is our mission and hash gear is our passion!  We are your sober
solution when you are too drunk to design your hasherdash, or when your
mismanagement is too dysfunctional to come up with fun hashy toys for your
next special hash.  Like a true blue hasher, we are good, fast,
andreasonably priced.
 Best of all – our products cum knocking at your door!

Our Products:

l  *Hash** Sh**irts of high quality cotton or quick-dry materials* with 5
sizes, tailor-made to your design with full color and up to 5 embroideries

------ Average price USD$15 (Euro€11) including shipping for short sleeve

------ Average price USD$18 (Euro€13) for long sleeve T-shirt and $20 (Euro€15)
for long sleeve pullover

* *

l  *Beer Cooler with your logo and hash songs ***

------ Average price USD$3-5 depending on quantity

l  *Towels in various sizes and colors, 100% cotton or quick dry material,
perfect for after running with a beer in hand***

------ Average price USD$10 (Euro€7) including shipping

Our Service:

l  All logos can be DIY or custom-made designs

l  We customize your designs as per your request

l  World-wide fast shipping – 2 to 3 weeks upon receipt of payment on our
sweet chariot

l  Customer service (Like a true blue hasher, we provide our “clients” with
intimate foreplay and after play)

In additional:

l  Other products (Like a true blue hasher, we have a sound
understanding ofour "clients"taste for variety,and we do all kinds of
unspeakableinterestingthings on demand)

We are constantly expanding our products as well as our authentic service. You
will find out more product ideas and pricing at [Yes, *CLICK *our website


Runners, Walkers and Wankers, let's go shopping!


*On On*

*Pink Panzer, Screwer and Evil Braless*

*H3H Asia*


*Email: yan at h3h.asia <yanthorne at gmail.com>*

*Skype: GZpinky*

*Tel: 86 13826278332
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