[BH4] On-On Jewelry for Haberdashers

MnS h3haberdashery at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 19:15:00 CDT 2011

Dear Blue Hen H3:

Can you please forward this message to your Haberdasher or other interested
Mismanagement? Thanks!

Got Hash Bling? Looking for Hash Name Necklace kits and necklaces, earrings,
bracelets, toe rings, belly rings and key rings featuring On-On feet, True
Trail pendants, R*nning Stick Figures and Red Dress pendants?

Check out all the On-On jewelry in the HashSpace store at
www.H3Haberdashery.com <http://www.h3haberdashery.com/>. There are 12-packs,
6-packs and even fancy 4-packs of assorted jewelry priced to re-sell as
Haberdashery. Some are even cheap enough for gimmies at special events.

Don’t see what you need? Email me at h3haberdashery at gmail.com for custom
orders or large quantity discounts (50+) for special events.

Mount 'N Spread
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