[BH4] Blue Hen H3 19th Anniversary Hash

Avocado Tom Tarka tommy at roadtrip.net
Thu Oct 13 00:11:55 CDT 2011

What: Blue Hen H3 19th Anniversary Hash (Holy Sh*t we're getting old!)
When: Saturday, Oct. 22
Run Start: 3 pm SHT (hares away)
Hares: Fuk Stik and Merry F'n Poppins
Child Friendly: It's a Blue Hen hash set by Fuk Stik...what do you 
think?  (Yes if you wanna carry 'em every now and again)
Dog Friendly: See above under Child Friendly.
Hash Cash: $5

We'll start from:
Thurston's Pub
Fox Run Shopping Center
32 Fox Hunt Drive
Bear, DE 19701
Phone: 302.836.5066

   Fuk Stik

"We are MoTown.  We are professionals.  We're here to get the job done."

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