[BH4] Blue Hen H3 Emerald Jubilee (i.e. 20th Anniversary) Weekend

Thomas J. Tarka tommy at roadtrip.net
Thu Aug 16 01:06:04 CDT 2012

Details and event registration are below...

When: October 19th-21st, 2012
Where: Havre de Grace, MD, USA
(about 25 miles south of NewArk, DE and 40 miles north of Baltimore, MD)

Event Page: 
Registration for Saturday's Run: http://tinyurl.com/8satflq

More Info: Contact F. Stik at vw at roadtrip.net or 571-218-2412

------ What Can I Expect ------

3 days of hashing in the woods and city, much beer and inanity.

The event will be held in Susquehanna State Park in (ironically)
Maryland, where we're hoping to rent out the majority of the campsites
and cabins in the campground.  There will be runs on both Friday and
Saturday, and we are currently working with the Hockessin Hash on a
joint run for Sunday (it will be an actual run, not a "hangover"

In an attempt to keep down costs, the run fee will cover the Saturday trail
and giveaway only.

Friday: Evening trail through the woods ending with a pot-luck dinner. 
$5 gets you
snacks and beer on trail.

Saturday: Main trail run in Susquehanna State Park ending at a BBQ in 
the Park.
  $20 prior to 9/5/2012 for food, beer and a giveaway.  Price goes up 
after that.
Register here: http://tinyurl.com/8satflq

Sunday: Early afternoon trail.   $5 gets you snacks and beer on trail.

------ Accommodations ------

Many of us have rented campsites at the Susquehanna State Park Campground.
Address: 714 Craigs Corner Road, Havre de Grace, MD 21078 (Approximate)
Campsite Reservation: http://tinyurl.com/8v8svhe

Note that alcohol is technically not allowed in the campground, so we'll 
be drinking
exclusively out of plastic cups and hash mugs.

------ Schedule of Events ------

---- Friday October 19th, 7:30 pm ----

Starting location: Susquehanna State Park Campground
Address: 714 Craigs Corner Road, Havre de Grace, MD 21078 (Approximate)
Address: Havre de Grace, MD
Pack Away: 7:30 pm
Hash cash: $5 to cover beer checks, circle beer, and snacks.


This will be a nice nighttime run through the woods.  Bring a headlamp 
and be ready
for trails.  More details to be announced in the near future.  We are 
planning on
starting in the campground but may shift locations if the event is too 

---- Saturday October 20th, NOON ----

Starting Location: Susquehanna State Park Picnic Area
Address: 1080 Stafford Road, Havre de Grace, MD (near the intersection 
of Stafford Rd & Craigs Corner Rd)
Hash Cash: $20 before September 5th, $30 until October 18th, or $40 at 
the door
Picnic Acra Fee: $2 for MD residents, $4 for out of state
Registration Link: here: http://tinyurl.com/8satflq
Pack Away: Noon.  And yes, really noon.

Expect the normal Blue Hen H3 fare: mud, water, beer, hills.  There will 
be a
chicken/eagle split but no specific walker trail.  Do the chicken and you'll
be fine.  Hash cash covers food, beer, and a t-shirt, although if you 
the day of the event, we can't garrantee there will be any shirts left.

NOTE: There is a $2 fee for the picnic area for Maryland Residents, $4 
for people
from out of state.

Around 6 pm we'll return to the Susquehanna State Park Campground 
address: 714 Craigs Corner Road, Havre de Grace, MD 21078) regroup, and 
consume beer.
There's a possibility of a journey into town if there's enough interest.

Camp sites can be reserved here:  http://tinyurl.com/8v8svhe

---- Sunday October 21st ----

Starting Location: To Be Announced
Hash Cash: $5
Pack Away: 1 pm (???)

Details still to be determined as we're working on this being a joint run
between the Blue Hen H3 and Hockessin H3.  Note, that this will be an
actual run, not a "hangover" walk around a parking lot.

------ About the Blue Hen Hash ------

It's hard to imagine that it was 20 years ago on a wet October afternoon
that the first running of the Blue Hen Hash House Harriers occurred,
when a pack of 20 people managed to piss off farmers, elude park
rangers, and polish off a 1/2 barrel of beer and 8 pizzas in the midst
of a state park, but ... well, the fact that the calendar says 2012
presents the cold reality of the matter.

We've had our foibles, from the problems inherent in advertising a
"Drinking Club with a Running Problem" as underage students to having
kegs dumped out in front of us, but we've also come out the other end
with some epic stories: from invading cities in the midwest to putting
people in clothes driers in laundromats to see if it would still turn.

We've gotten kicked out of more bars than we'd care to remember, and
presented new kennels with twelve pound FRB awards with those very same
letters etched in the steel award by a CNC machine.

Despite a small core group, our notoriety still manages to precede us,
from rugby clubs in Wichita to the mark our members have made from
Dublin to Portland, Pittsburgh to the Humpin' hash. and Washington to
Denver: we're still here, causing trouble, eliciting groans from the
pack as they enter from 200 yards of slime and muck separating them from
the ON IN! and curses from the FRBs as they come back from the 1/2 mile
false trail.

"We are MoTown.  We are professionals.  We're here to get the job done."

"We are MoTown.  We are professionals.  We're here to get the job done."

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