[BH4] August Blue Hen Hash

Nicole Donohue nmkrupp at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 19 09:04:19 CDT 2012

I was just wondering if anybody picked up a purple water bottle from Mojo Main yesterday. She who shall not be named may have left it there.

- I'll respect you in the mourning

On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 2:54 PM EDT Chris Donohue wrote:

>What: Blue Hen Hash #12.8
>Who: Lost Penis
>Who??: Ninners
>When:  +Saturday, August 18th 2pm
>Why: I told DWP I would and I missed my Fake Birthday Celebration
>Hash cash:  $5 – bring extra cash for the possibility of a pub crawl
>Where: Mojo’s Main/ East End 270 East Main Street Newark, DE 19711
>D'erections:  From Newark, DE get to Main Street, Go to Mojo’s, await
>start of hash. For others: http://bit.ly/Qttd4r
>Dogs: Mojo’s porch is canine friendly… are other bars on Main Street
>as accommodating? You decide. I don’t have to do everything do I? I
>do? F- this I quit! I can’t quit? Fine I will stay, but I am not happy
>about it
>Miscellaneous Etcetera: Is it a trail or a pub crawl? I don’t know
>yet, best to bring your ID, some extra cash, and some trail rated gear
>for an actual trail
>Lost/Late? If you cannot find Mojo Main/ East End then… Sorry. If you
>are going to be delayed I am sure you will find us still sitting at
>Mojo’s for a while before we start.
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