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Apparently there's only one mini-cabin left...reserve it now!

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Only 1 Mini-Cabin left so get yours today!

-- Golden Showers

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Passing on what looks like a fun event

On 7/17/12, Thomas J. Tarka <tommy at roadtrip.**net <tommy%40roadtrip.net>>
It's hard to imagine that it was 20 years ago on a wet October afternoon
that the first running of the Blue Hen Hash House Harriers occurred,
when a pack of 20 people managed to piss off farmers, elude park
rangers, and polish off a 1/2 barrel of beer and 8 pizzas in the midst
of a state park, but ... well, the fact that the calendar says 2012
presents the cold reality of the matter.

And so you are cordially invited to join the Blue Hen Hash House
Harriers as they celebrate their Emerald Jubilee the weekend of October
19-21, 2012.

We've had our foibles, from the problems inherent in advertising a
"Drinking Club with a Running Problem" as underage students to having
kegs dumped out in front of us, but we've also come out the other end
with some epic stories: from invading cities in the midwest to putting
people in clothes driers in laundromats to see if it would still turn.

We've  gotten kicked out of more bars than we'd care to remember, and
presented new kennels with twelve pound FRB awards with those very same
letters etched in the steel award by a CNC machine.

Despite a small core group, our notoriety still manages to precede us,
from rugby clubs in Wichita to the mark our members have made from
Dublin to Portland, Pittsburgh to the Humpin' hash. and Washington to
Denver: we're still here, causing trouble, eliciting groans from the
pack as they enter from 200 yards of slime and muck separating them from
the ON IN! and curses from the FRBs as they come back from the 1/2 mile
false trail.

  _*Without further ado:
  *What:* The 20th Anniversary of the Blue Hen Hash House Harriers*
  When**:* October 19th-21st, 2012*
  Where:* In and Around Darlington, MD, USA
  *Hares*: Fuk Stik and Other Special Guests
  *How Much:* $30/person for Saturday's Run and Giveaway (campground fees
  are extra)
  Dogs: Unclear at this point
  Kids: You're responsible for 'em, but I'm sure ankle biters will be present


The event will be held in Susquehanna State Park in (ironically)
Maryland, where we're hoping to rent out the majority of the campsites
and cabins in the campground.  There will be runs on both Friday and
Saturday, and we are currently working with the Hockessin Hash on a
joint run for Sunday (it will be an actual run, not a "hangover"
trail).  In an attempt to keep down costs, the run fee will cover the
Saturday trail and giveaway only.  Friday night we'll have a potluck at
the campsite and Sunday we will probably end up at a bar or someone's
house after the run.

We recommend: (a) carpooling, and (b) reserving your cabin or campsite
early due to limited availability:


Online Registration for the hash itself and more details will be
available soon, but we wanted to put this out there so that folks could
mark their calendars and reserve campsites.

For more info, to complain, or to solicit sexual favors, please contact
Fuk Stik at vw at roadtrip.**net <vw%40roadtrip.net> or 571-218-2412.

Fuk Stik

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