[BH4] Blue Hen Hash

Chris Donohue schporto at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 20:14:51 CDT 2012

I wanted to send out some mail.  You people looked like a good target.
 Especially because there actually is news relevant to the blue hen
1.  We're not dead yet!  Despite yet another recommendation that we
just consider ourselves dead, we have vetoed that.
2.  Your mismanagement: Tits of Steel - RA, Toxic Waste - Hash Cash,
Dirty Wet Pussy - HareRazor, GM by cup de tit - THFKAS, FukStick - GM
3.  There is no number 3.
4.  We have runs, we have runs, yes we do!
    June 16th - Mary Fucking Poppins
    July 24th - Feral Pussy
    August - Lost Penis
5.  We have a calendar and website: http://bluehen-h3.org/
6.  We're going to have a campout weekend in October to celebrate 20
years of BH4.  More details to follow.


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