[BH4] Shot of Powar!

Chris Donohue schporto at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 07:29:49 CDT 2012

For those who have heard me talk about Pissburgh's weekend (and if you
haven't then ask when those who have aren't around - they're probably
sick of it), there was one 'event' that stood out.  During the nagid
shot stop run, we had a great shot at Catwoman's tent.  I looked
around, and two girls were making out.  Whatever.  Drank a little,
talked to cat, looked back.  Three girls (count voice ah ah ah) making
out.  Ooookay.  Back to Cat and finishing the shot, and Catwoman's
eyes start growing.  And growing.  So I look behind me again (cuz
believe me it wasn't me those eyes were growing for).  There are now 3
girls, 2 guys, laying on the ground, and we're no longer talking
'making out'....
Through all of that I have been terribly remiss in not getting which
shot that was.  I mean really, that's a shot that needs to be
experimented with.  So I asked.  Turns out the answer is:

TGIF Creamsicle.

And now you know.

And that's terrible.
On on


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