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Sounds like a challenge...who's with me???

    Fuk Stik

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Another survey....

This weekend the Basel H3 has proclaimed that it will try to break
the world record for the number of drink stops in a run.

So what's the record?

I remember the pub crawl from Eurohash '94 - 17 stops with at least 1
km between the drinks. Daunting.
I did at least 18 pubs on one Firkin run in London, however didn't
complete the course as a curry dinner interfered.
There have been a couple of A-Z runs around (London, Sydney?) with 26
sanctioned drink stops.
Don't recall how many on the Monopoly Board runs but it must be more.
And didn't the Chapel Street Chunder have somewhere in the
neighborhood of 43 stops?
The F.I.L.T.H. H3 69th featured 69 drink stops however that was over
3 days (I managed 64 or so of them,  missing the first evening.)

Of course minimum consumption rules apply.

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