[BH4] Blue Hen (Newark) HHH : H3Gear.com

Alex Ferguson skirt at h3gear.com
Sat Nov 17 12:06:25 CST 2012

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that www.H3GEAR.com is up an running for you
hashers out there. We're getting vendors and hash kennels together that
want to sell haberdashery in one place. H3Gear.com. Head on over and check
it out, if you want to sell some stuff, let us know. Only thing we ask is
6% of sales to help keep us on line.

Help Hash Vendors and get your orders in. Please pass the word On-On!


Whiny Little Skirt
Stuttgart DST H3
skirt at h3gear.com

10% Off H3GEAR Vendor Items Coupon. Look for the "Sold by H3GEAR" products
and you'll get 10% off with coupon code through Christmas 2012!!
Coupon Code: H3GEARLAUNCH12
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