[BH4] FW: November Blue Hen Hash - Sunday 11/25

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Not sure if this made the lists or not.


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Subject: November Blue Hen Hash - Sunday 11/25


What: Blue Hen Hash #12.11

Who: Tits of Steel, Your RA

When:  Sunday, November 25th at 2pm

Why: It's a long weekend, a holiday weekend, you ate too many carbs over
Thanksgiving and need to move your fat ass and detox from your family and
pretend you don't care about working tomorrow after a long weekend by

Hash cash:  $5 - plus anything you might want to spend at an Apres (TBD
later) post-hash

Where: George Wilson Community Center

303 New London Road

Newark, DE 19711

D'erections: http://goo.gl/maps/OatIZ

Dogs/Kids: Probably hash friendly, probably not apres friendly 

Lost/Late? Call me at 610-389-1235 for help but I can't promise to have my
phone on me or answer promptly. Or try another hasher you know is on-time.




photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trishylicious


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