[BH4] Not another race invite!

Jefferson Nicholson jeffersonpnicholson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 09:52:55 CST 2013

Hello fellow carb loving, pavement pounding, trail hounding running club

Two of the biggest challenges we face as advertised club leaders is 1)
having to delete all those race invites from every body and their mother
and 2) getting the word out about our awesome events, happy hours and races.

So I hate to be "that guy" to send you another race invite, but it's all in
good fun to help us get the word out about our *awesome* new trail running
series. Hopefully you're still reading...

Relatively new to the Mid-Atlantic area but not to the trail scene; we (The
Adventure Geeks <http://www.adventuregeekproductions.com>) have joined
forces with well know XTERRA to kick-start an Atlantic Trail Running
This year the series consists of 4 races: 2 in Maryland and 2 in Delaware.

XTERRA Brandywine Creek, DE 5k & 12k - March 9th *(15 DAYS AWAY!!)*
XTERRA Seneca Creek, MD 5k & 10k - April 6th
XTERRA Lums Pond, DE 5k & 10k - May 25th
XTERRA Big Elk Marathon & Half-Marathon, MD June 22


Any help getting the word out about the series to your group members would
be *WILDLY* appreciated!

We'd gladly cross-promote your running club (links/logo's on the website,
t-shirt, social media) and offer your members a discount if we can pump up
the buzz.

If you're still with me, this is sounding pretty good eh?

Bring out your tents, tables, grills and non-see-through beverage
containers (except for XTERRA Big Elk, we can openly drink after that
race!) for pre and post race tailgating!

We're a pretty laid back group of race directors that just "get it" when it
comes to putting on a good race, so hopefully we'll see you at the starting

If you want to know more about the series or about us, please check us out
at www.AdventureGeekProductions.com or feel free to call me anytime at


Jefferson P. Nicholson
Runner, Geek, Race Director
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