[BH4] OMG, they uncovered Title 18's work strategy

Butthead Butthead at mailmight.com
Thu Jan 17 15:39:09 CST 2013

"Title 18" had PDFs of hundreds of invoices from a third-party
contractor in Shenyang for developer services. Title had been paying the
contractor $50,000 a year, while he himself made hundreds of thousands
of dollars.

While the developer was working 9-to-5, Title surfed the Web. At 9, he'd
roll in and surf Reddit, watching cat videos. At 11:30 he'd grab some
lunch. After lunch it was time for EBay for about an hour, when Title
migrated to Facebook. At 4:30, he'd email management, telling them what
he had "done" during the day, and at 5, he'd go home.

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