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Tue Feb 11 18:47:44 CST 2014

What? Blue Hen Hash #2, of 2014

When? Sunday Feb. the 16th, 2014 AD, 2pm HST

Where? Parking Lot of the George Wilson Community Center, 303 New London Rd, Newark, DE 19711 

Hare? MFP

Hash Cash? 5 bucks. For this, you get beer, something that may resemble food, and a trail that may exceed the standard 1.26 miles, depending on how many feet of snow is on the ground that day.

Why? Since this isn't a Hockessin Hash, you'll have something to drink other than Boxer Light for a change. 

Beast Friendly? Perhaps. Though the beasts may have to be tethered during some of trail and waited outside with at one of the beer stops. Also, beast caretakers need must restrain their beasts from tearing each-others heads off and refrain from hurling the beasts droppings at the hare after being dissapointed by another shitty, predictable trail around Newark.

After trail perhaps we can enjoy a warm fire and enjoy the Winter Olympics if Bob Costas, or now Matt Lauer is willing to get off the TV for a couple of minutes. 
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