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 For running clubs: 2015 FREEZING COLD HASH RUN Sat. Jan. 3, 2015 10am now at Dismal Swamp and Hailey’s Harp Pub

    2015 FREEZING COLD HASH RUN & Party Sat. Jan. 3, 2015 10am   Please share with your running club members and add to your running calendar sorry if this is a dup but we did not want to miss anyone  

New location for 2015: Dismal Swamp, Edison & Metuchen NJ -It’s not called Dismal Swamp because it smells nice!

Register for 2015 at: http://www.active.com/metuchen-nj/running/races/freezing-cold-hash-dismal-swamp-2015

New Post Run Party Hailey’s Harp, 400 Main St., Metuchen, NJ 08840 [next to Metuchen Train Station]  only .8 mile from start    [Green Derby sold their liquor license and closed last Spring]

      $20.00 Pre-registered run & party via Active.com

More  info at   www.njlaws.com/FREEZING_COLD_HASH_RUN.htm 

      $23.00 Pre-registered by mail

      $25.00 Day of Event – Goodie / gift bag not guaranteed

Please bring a can food donation for the St. James Food Bank. If you are unable to run you can volunteer. Volunteers receive free beer, food, free skull T-shirt, pirate backpack and skull bandanna. Please email if you wish to volunteer at Kenvnjlaw at yahoo.com

A fun time is guaranteed! You must be over 21 years old to participate.  No times are recorded.  A sense a humor is a must. Prizes and giveaways at the post race social!  

2014 photos at



Start near Vidas Field  Address: 215 Durham Ave. Metuchen,  NJ   08840

GPS Coordinates:   40°32'28"N   74°22'19"W

at intersection of Durham Avenue & Hampton St. 

New awards for 2015: These are not your traditional age group awards- Special talent, fun hidden tattoos, dirtiest, most injured/ bloodied, Nicest chest, Miss Congeniality, outstanding achievement, best costumes 1, 2,3,

Everyone with skull or pirate clothes wins an award

If you go the wrong way, these are POTENTIAL EXCITING DANGERS / CHALLENGES

- Get bitten by starving animals                  

- Slip on ice & break bones

- Cut your leg on sharp branches

- Slip on snow and break arm                      

- Touch 29,000 Volts of Electricity

- Run into tree branches, poke eye out        

- Angry deer with huge antlers

- Fall into Stream and get swept out to ocean                 

- Frozen Rats & other dead animals

Exploding gas pipelines

- Bad drivers from New York who don’t speak English

- Sticker bushes

- Crawl under barbed wire                                            

- Get hit in head with cement falling

- Slide off mud cliffs  off bridges        

Facebook Hash club:


Fun photos and videos:

2012 Facebook event


Featured on TV News12 NJ and Cablevision.        

 (News 12 TV Show) Freezing Cold Hash



  (Cablevision - TV Show) Dismal Swamp - Edison


 Video (Cablevision - TV Show) Thomas Edison Park


Sentinel Article: http://ems.gmnews.com/news/2006/0111/Front_Page/022.html                       

Photos from prior years

Laura S   photos



Goodie bag pick up  Dec 29, Dec 30 and Jan 2 at


2053 Woodbridge Ave.

Edison, NJ 08817

(Phone) 732-572-0500

 (Fax)    732-572-0030


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