[BH4] Blue Hen Hash Sunday, February 22, 3:00 pm

Derek Haines derek.haines at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 06:41:37 CST 2015

What:  Blue Hen Hash

When:  Sunday, February 22, 3:00 pm.

Where:  My apartment. 38 Wenark Dr #12, Newark DE 19713. (Oak Tree
apartments). That's building 38, door 12. Follow the Great Google to get to
Wenark Dr. a.k.a. the apartment complex. On entering the complex, it's the
first building on the left. So after turning onto Wenark Dr, hang and bare
left at the first intersection, then make the next left, then park.

Who:  The International House of Virgins

*Kid friendly: *No.

*Dog friendly: *No.

*People friendly: *No.

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