[BH4] Upcoming Blue Hen Hashes

Derek Haines derek.haines at gmail.com
Sat May 9 10:00:03 CDT 2015


What: Annual Memorial Day Hash at Cape Henlopen

When: Saturday May 23, 2:00 pm HST

Where: Cape Henlopen State Park, Campground parking lot

Hares: Dirty Wet Pussy and Narcigism

Hash cash: $5.

(Note there is a park entrance fee too).

Why: Every year, a bunch of Blue Hen and Hockessin hashers get a bunch of campsites at Cape Henlopen on Memorial Day weekend, where we challenge ourselves not to get fined or thrown out by the rangers. Score: Hashers:5, Rangers:1. 

So while there, why not have trail? Note: You do not have to camp to hash, so join us for the day!

What else: Hang out with the campers before or after the hash! We're clustered mainly in sites 126-130.


What: 4th Annual Brandywine Tubing Hash!

When: Saturday, July 11

Why: It's the best *%@&ing hash of the year. 

Run up the side of the Brandywine, then spend 4 hours floating down in what is the best party on water!

More details will be forthcoming ...


Beginning in June, Blue Hen is moving to TWO hashes per month!

One hash each month is on the second Saturday (summer) or second Sunday (winter). 

The other hash of each month is hare's choice! You pick the day and time. 

We're currently looking for a hare for the second Saturday of June. Contact me if you're interested. 

- The International House of Virgins 

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