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Kum-on Inn kum.on.inn.hash at gmail.com
Sat May 30 21:44:49 CDT 2015

Welcome to a new year of Blue Henning! A quick introduction to your new
officers - GM: Kum-on-inn, Hare Raiser: International House of Virgins, RA:
Lost Penis. You might be able to coax more information out of us about
ourselves after a trail with a beer in hand, so that will do for now.

We are moving to two trails per month - one scheduled for the second
weekend of the month (Saturdays in the Summer, Sundays the rest of the
time), and a Hare's Choice.  We have the following trails scheduled, so
mark your calendars and wash your shiggy socks! If you're interested in
haring, learning to hare, or helping out with haring, contact IHOV or me.

June 13, 2:00 pm -  Kum-on-inn and Trail Order Bride. Hash Cash $5
June 27/28 - Mary Fucking Poppins. Date will probably be settled by the
June 13th hash.
July 11, 10:00am (ish) -  The Tubing Hash! Spunkmonkey, Skidmarks, and
IHOV. Rego required, information to be sent out later this week.
July 26 - Necropheelmeup and Pube-he-ate-her
Aug 29 - Lost Penis and 2Buck-Fuck
Sep 13 - Hare needed
Oct 11 - Hare needed
Nov 8 - Hare needed
Dec 13 - Hare needed

We also have opportunities for Hare's choice in Sep, Oct, Nov, and Dec.
Pick a holiday, a full moon, or just a day that you're going to need to get
out of the house. If you only have a half-baked idea for a trail and want
help with it, we are more than happy to help out or to pair you with
someone who has done this before.

Ways to be less confused about what's going on, probably:
Mailling list:
Website:          http://bluehen-h3.org/ (Still making some changes, but
the calendar is up-to-date)
Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/groups/398068700378299/
Hashspace:      http://www.hashspace.com/group/bh4

You can reach any of the mismanagement by email - kum.on.inn.hash at gmail.com,
derek.haines at gmail.com, and ninerg at yahoo.com. On hash days you can probably
reach me by phone at 302-494-2145 until the hash actually starts. On
non-hash days, if I don't pick up you should email and/or text me. I'll
probably see a text within a day or three.

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