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Blue Hen Hash #16 (of 2015) or since we started counting:

So the slobbering pack gathered up in the parking lot in front of IHOV’s
place in the Yea Ole’ Oaktree village in Yea Ole’ Pencader hundred on the
afternoon of October the 25th, 2015 AD for the 23rd Anniversary of the, I
mean the twenty-thirst Analversary of the mighty Blue Hen hash house

Hashers I remember being present at some point include: Toxic Waste, The
Hasher formerly known as Schporto, NecroFeelMeUp, PubeHeAteHer, Blow My
Sweet Toots, Mary Fucking Poppins, Vaseline Alley, Skidmarks, Lost Penis,
Eat My Panties, Kum On Inn, Trail Order Bride, AssHopper, Just Rich,
WaterFowl, Cause For Blindness, Just Katie, Just Chris, Woody, Butthead,
Great Sex, Rear End Wrangler, and many, many others.

Our hares of the day were for the second time in a row The International
House of Virgins and his partner in crime, Tits of Steel.

And so those of us who arrived a bit early hung out in IHOV’s apartment
enjoying some brews and leaving our hash shoes, outside, well most of us,
until it was about 2pm hash time and it twas time to begin the chalk talk.
And our stragglers entered in just as we were doing that.

We were informed that on this trail there were to be a back check, a beer
check and several J-stops. And for those of you who haven’t been active for
a whiles, the J-Stop is a ribbon near two small bottles of liquor, for
which the FRB is meant to discover and take back to the DFL.

And so the arrow pointed us out to Otts Chapel Rd and across that we went.
With IHOV going back to his apartment to get things ready, and with TOS
staying out to hare trail.

On! On!

We found marks going into the Academy Hill neighborhood, and a check, which
seemed to go up hill in all directions. Eventually the right way was found.

On! On!

We ran around the hood for a while, with Necro and Woody in the front, they
served us all by finding the really long back check up the hill. Eventually
we found our way to the woods and went down the old Iron Road as it is
called. The hasher Formerly Known as Schporto found the first J stop of two
shots and as he ran back half the pack misinterpreted this as a false trail
and started heading back as well, making their journey that much more

On! On!

We found the Christina creek and the accompanying trail, which has been
beaten down by this hash group more times than I can count. Even though it
hasn’t rained in a year we found a water crossing in the form of a very
large puddle set in the the middle of trail. We jollied on down the path to
the bridge. NecroFeelMeUp finds the mark for the J-Stop, but doesn’t find
the liquor, that fell to yours truly, MFP, who had to meet up with Toxic
Waste to enjoy a shot of pineapple flavored Vokda.

On! On!

We travel down under the bridge that supports the am track tracks and find
the beer near, across the creek, and several hashers try in vain to cross
it without getting wet. Woody avoided the water by climbing the bridge to
the other side while Waterfowl stood content without crossing because he
had his own vegan beer with him. We enjoyed our brews for a little while
then went out on trail again.

On! On!
We ran through the woods for a little while some more until we came to the
Turkey-Eagle Split right underneath Christiana Parkway. Turkeys just took a
stroll up and out over the bridge while the Eagles took a slightly longer
way around, and around the woods some more. Before coming out a bit farther
down the road and finding a rather inconvenient dick/tit check out on
Elkton Rd.

On! On!

Trail went down the road and into the office complex, where we ran out of
marks for a while, but those following a general direction did eventually
find something. As went through the tall grass behind the office complex
before going up a hill. Skidmarks came across the final J-stop first, but
let Woody take the bait. Trail went under the Otts Chapel Road bridge where
we found the big On! In! mark on the slope. And where we found IHOV for the
first time since beginning this hash.

After a whiles the last of the last straggled in and our RA, Lost Penis,
beganst to commence circle. Awards and penalties were dished out, songs
were sung. And many down downs were drank. Just Chris and Just Katie did
their virgin down downs, and chances are we won’t see them back.Trail Order
Bride, in honor of his B-Day, which he decided to celebrate doing this, got
to do a side/ side with the ladies picking him up, We attempted a large
social in honor of the Blue Hen’s 23rd anniversary and a toast to the late
great Ian Cummings, founder of the hash in this area. And Just Rich finally
got a name in honor of the interesting sweat pattern he had on the front of
his shirt, he shall now be known as “With Horns on his Tits”.

After circle closed we headed back to IHOV’s Pad where joined by the auto
hashing Pube He Ate Her, Great Sex and Rear End Wrangler. And where we were
served and/or served ourselves some chicken tortillas with refried and
vegan beans, along with some chips and guac, and bunch of other junk food,
and a big ass chocolate cake to go along with the many beers, and several
bottles of scotch that were being passed around.

And the hashers entertained themselves with playing with some of the
articles left over from IHOV’s birthday party the previous year.

All and All it was another shitty trail.

Stay tuned for the next Blue Hen hash sometime next month,

On! On!

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