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Hashers present -  Hares: IHov, Tits of Steel. Hounds:Kum-on-inn, Trail
Order Bride, Butthead, Necropheelmeup, Just Katie, Just Chris,
THFKASchporto, Waterfoul, Toxic Waste, Vaseline Alley, Woody, Just "Mitch"
Rich, Blow My Sweet Toots, Eat My Panties, MFP, Skidmarks, Cause for
Blindness, Lost Penis, (Great Sex, her guy, pubeheateher were all at Apres)
(Anyone else?)

The hash showed up outside IHov's place on a gorgeous sunny typically-fall
day . Thing's happened that I wasn't there for, because in traditional
fashion I showed up 20 minutes late. It was ok though, Butthead showed up 5
minutes later just as our co-hare Tits of Steel finished a brilliant chalk
talk, and the pack was off.

We were directed out the driveway and down the street, and into the
neighborhood with the horrible hill. After unsafely crossing Otts Chapel
road causing much confusion and some slowage of traffic, we charged into
the neighborhood where we were met with our fist check. True to form, the
trail did not have fully marked falses and the FRB's split, with the
correct direction being taken by Woody and Necro. This was unfortunate for
them, because it meant they were the recipients of the subsequent
really-nasty-hill, with it's resulting check back nine. They caught
everyone as most people were starting up the hill, saving everyone else
much pain and frustration. Trail T'd into another road in which several
people were unloading their cars in preparation for the eagles game, and
were very concerned at how poor "beer" was, that we would need to do a
fundraiser for them by running for it. Trail ran along through a very
pretty path at the end of the road into a neighborhood we recognized from
having slid into it during Ihov's last winter trail, with a check at the
obvious location at the bottom of the hill. Woody decided he needed more
hill work and took the right, while everyone else decided that was insane
and went left into the park crossing the Christina river. After a little
bit of confusion regarding the check on the other side of the bridge and
some nostalgia about where we had beer stopped last time, trail proceeded
along the rittenhouse trail until we came to a beer near on the opposite
bank of the river under the train bridge. The water being ~3 inches deep,
everyone tried to keep their feet dry on small rocks until they got
half-way through and slipped, then gave up and splashed happily across the
rest of the way. Except for Woody, who of course took advantage of the
natural occurrence of a bridge and kept his feet dry and Waterfoul, who had
intelligently brought his own beer and avoided the entire fiasco. Lost
Penis called for Skidmarks to help her keep her balance, since he had
already gotten his feet wet, and maybe made it one further rock than
everyone else before giving up and stomping happily across like a gleeful
child who is confronted with the prospect of "mud" for the first time.
There was some milling about when we first arrived at the BN, because there
was no obvious cooler in sight, until Woody reminded everyone that not all
beer comes in coolers and pulled out the black plastic trash bag that was
full of yeunglings and New Belgium. Rumchata also made an appearance, and
was quickly finished under the weight of all the hashers.

After the BN, we trudged back across the creek to continue following trail.
We came across the T/E split, which was under a bridge under rt 4. Having
been warned that the Eagle was only 3/4 of a mile longer than Turkey and a
lot prettier, most people took the eagle trail and enjoyed a nice trek down
the remainder of Rittenhouse trail. Toxic Waste and ? were the only two to
Turkey it. We came up on 896 and knew to turn around and go back SouthEast,
because a) the Turkey trail had gone that way and b) those of us who were
being observant as we drove in had seen arrows at the intersection of 4 and
896. Whoops!

We came across a tit-dick check right on the main road, which was possibly
the worst location EVER for one of those. Necro and Kum-on-inn check-hung
for a little bit so that the maximum of people could get through for the
minimum of flash (and so that we could wait until oncoming traffic was
lighter), but MFP blew through it, taking to heart the chalk-talks
instruction of "Wait for someone of the opposite gender. Flash if you
want". Trail followed the side-walk to an office park, where we milled
around. After the check, KOI, Necro and MFP all took the straight along the
sidewalk, and Necro and MFP doubled back when it became clear that there
was no more trail on Sidewalk. KOI doubled down and took the next left into
the park, luckily finding a new check and and not getting horribly lost. We
continued on and found another check further down, where I went straight
and didn't find shit, Just Chris went right and didn't find shit, and necro
and MFP went left and didn't find shit. After some milling around, it
became apparent that trail went left but the marks were well hidden, and we
fulfilled our Blue Hen Anniversary requirement of hashing on train tracks
(who knew?!) by following the old abandoned tracks at the back of the
office park into some seriously nasty shiggy. We eventually came back out
on the clear area filled with rather nasty rocks, where we met woody coming
back with the last J-shot, which Skidmarks had kindly anti-sandbagged for
him. After climbing up a rather nasty hill to cross the creek through much
prickery and poison ivery, we arrived at the desert-like on-in with an ihov
and bers.

Skidmarks first, Cause last, Virgins drank for being virgins, virgins and
many others drank for blood on trail, KOI drank for racist attire and
everyone was shocked. We had an impromptu history lesson on the BH4 hash
and a social for our founder, who passed away this year. We named Just Rich
"With Horns On His Tits", for his sweat stain.

Apres was at IHov's, where we had chicken burritos, sweet potatoes, refried
beans, chocolate cake, and snacky foods. There was pinball, party-hat bras,
and of course, Phat Puffs. All in all, another shitty day at the BH4 hash.

J-stops: Schporto, MFP, and Woody.

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