[BH4] KOI and TOB's Anniversary Family Values Hash

Kum-on Inn kum.on.inn.hash at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 22:40:36 CDT 2016

Come out and join Kum-on-inn and Trail Order Bride celebrating two years

Hares: Kum-on-inn and Trail Order Bride

Where: The parking lot of the Courtyard Marriott, University of Delaware,
400 David Hollowell Dr, Newark, DE 19716. We recommend you park at 401 New
London Road and walk to the start (trust us! We're the hares!)

When: Saturday August 20, 3:00pm (Note time, not the usual Blue Hen 2pm

What: A hash! A family values hash! Come out and celebrate with our family,
as a family!

Hash Cash: $5

The other stuff: Kids and Dogs welcome. We will probably have trail
options, since there are a number of out-of-towners that may not want to
have to do laundry, and the hares respect that but are of the personal
opinion that every trail should have something dirty in it. I'm not sure if
it'll be stroller friendly, since we haven't scouted all the non-dirty
trails yet. Trail will be A-B with B near the recommended parking spot.
Since this is a family values hash, there will be a swear jar. If you have
questions the hare can answer, the hare can answer them at 302-494-2145.

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