[BH4] Hash Tomorrow -- Sunday, March 26

Derek Haines derek.haines at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 14:10:55 CDT 2016

Just an update to our hash on Easter, we are going to move it to the Shue
Middle School nearby since the parking is free to save you guys a few $s.
(Since we both thought parking fees didn't start til April but apparently
it's March frown emoticon )

What? Blue Hen Hash #2 of March / #6 of 2016. Easter Sunday Zombie Jesus
Easter Hash.

When? Sunday March 27th, 2016 AD, 3pm HST

Where? Shue Middle School, 1500 Capitol Trail, Newark, DE 19711

Hares? Tits of Steel + IHOV

Hash Cash? 5 bucks

What to Look For? Marks of flour and chalk. Maybe some pink ribbons. Bring
a dry bag just in case of weather or mud ... Also look for people trying to
pop your balloon. First harrier and harriette back with unpopped balloons
will win prizes. There may or may not be easter eggs hidden on trail as
well... we'll see what we can pull together this week.
Wear Zombie, Jesus or Easter Bunny Attire If You Desire
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