[BH4] "It's not the marathon!" Hash: Sunday May 8, 2pm

Kum-on Inn kum.on.inn.hash at gmail.com
Fri May 6 08:59:08 CDT 2016

The "It's not the marathon!" hash! Come out in your race gear this Mother's
day to celebrate not having run 26.2 miles or any other timed distance
earlier Sunday morning, or come out to recover if you did!
Time: 2pm, Sunday May 8
Place: Rockwood Park, 4651 Washington St. Extension, Wilmington, DE 19809
ALl the rest of it: Dry bag? Durrrrr.... Dogs: Yeah. PI? Who knows but
probably. Anything else you need to know? Call the hare, Kum-on-inn,

Sorry for the late notice - I just got back from vacation. I promise to be
more organized from here on out.

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