[BH4] Hash Sunday

Nina Griffonetti ninerg at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 20 10:37:31 CST 2017

What:  Trail 2 of 2 for Feb The Pick Up Hash
When:  Sunday, Feb 26th @ 2pm pack will be off by 2:30
Where: Deer Park? 108 W Main St, Newark, DE 19711? Trail might be an A to B? Who: ?, ?, ?
Why: Cause we need a 2nd hash this month?Hash Cash:  $5?

PLEASE READ!!!!! Borrowing an idea from other hashes, who successfully pull this off, therefore it will fail. Technology will be allowed, please bring your phone, or a watch, your ID and extra cash in case ice cream/taco truck/bar stop breaks out. I have no idea if there will be shiggy, you might get wet feet and muddy. On that note please no dogs or children.
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