[BH4] call for hares

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Tue Jan 24 17:37:43 CST 2017

Oh hey, We could use a hare or two for the month of February. Allow me to remind thee that this club is more flexible regarding the dates and times you may be available to do this. The typical turnout is 10 to 15 wankers. Provided you post an announcement at least a few days ahead of time.

And you as a hare are not required to buy them dinner. And you go home with the hash cash collected. So it still doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to hare for Blue Hen.

Unless,..... that is, you choose to take us to the Ye’ Fancy Craft Brew Place. For a round of the Super Turbo Hoppenator, the Robust Great Pumpkinhead Ale, The Vanilla-Oyster-Rasberry-Cayenne Pepper Porter or The Knights of King William Stout aged in great oaken barrels and made from a secret recipe supposedly passed down by the knights for thousands of years. Whilst we sittith upon stools hand cut from the mighty trees of Java. And perhaps enjoy a plate of stale crackers and cheese. Upon which a magnificent title is also bestowed. Like the Wafers of Lord Weyerbocker, or The Sultan’s Saltines. 

Otherwise PBR and a bag of cheese poofs will do.

Mary Fucking Poppins. 
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