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Blue Hen First Friday Artsy Fartsy Hash Crawl
Friday, April 7th at 6pm

Meet up before or at 6pm at the Chelsea Tavern
Happy Hour is 4-7 with $4 craft beers til 7pm
We will aim to leave around 6:15ish for our art crawl!

Hash cash: Just give TOS $2-5 (sliding scale on how much you enjoy) for walking wine crawl and speed-circle beverages which may not be beer and cover your own drinks at the prelube and apres. Or BYO boozy or non alcoholic drink DIY style. Suggestions: Grape Soda and Vodka, Rum + Coke, Wine in a Snapple bottle, beer in an opaque water bottle... you get the idea. These never made anyone blink an eye at Philly First Friday back in its heyday of the late 90s/early 00s.

Hare Tits of Steel will chalk our directions on each stop so if you cum late you can find your way
Look for the marks AS for where to stop. (Art Stop)
Or text her at 610-389-1235 for our current location
It will be a fun walker's trail with stops for art and wine drinking along the way.

Parking - find street parking or the lot behind the World Cafe Live should be $5 for weekend parking all night if you don't trust your precious baby to the street. Or park near our B location below if you hate walking back.
If you feel REALLY ambitious you can park for free at the Delaware Contemporary, walk or shuttle up to our start location and find your way back at the end of the night.

Eventually we'll make our way to The Mill which is having a live art party with music and artists and dancers and open til 9:30.

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