[BH4] 25 Years...Wow! Anniversary Schedule.

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And on that note, here is a consolidated schedule of this cumming weekends festivities:

Thursday 10/26
What:  Blue Hen Hash Costumed Holloweeine Trail! 
Who:  Dirty Wet Pussy and Mystery BH4 Hare
When:  Thursday, October 26, 2017  at 7:00pm. Pre lube starting at 6pm -- just belly up to the bar and buy yourself a drink.
Why:  Let's get this party weekend started!  We are celebrating 25 years of Blue Hen Hashing!  This will be the first of several trails. The Main event a joint trail with BH4 & H4 at Susquehanna State Park. REGO for Saturday trail on Hashrego.com so we know how much beer and food to provide.  Don't know how to use hashrego or just hate the high tech stuff let me know we will find a way to get you on the list. 
What Else:  I know a lot of you wankers like to strut your stuff and terrify the locals of Newark.  So get your costume together.  Time to get creative. Trail have little or no shiggy.  Prize for best costume!!!
What to Wear:  Duh, a costume ... or one may be provided for you! 
Where: it is a Blue Hen so let's say Deerpark Tavern. 
Erections:  Deer Park Tavern, 108 W Main St, Newark, DE  19711-3229.  Lost? running late? Call Dirty 302-753-5162
Friday 10/27-Saturday 10/28
What:  Blue Hen Hash's 25th Analversary -- a Hockessin/BH3 Joint Hash 
What to Expect:  A great trail, heaps of beer, camping, idiocy, and too much fun.
When:  Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 2 pm
Where:  Susquehanna State Park in Harve de Grace, MD- Starts at Pavillion 2, 4122 Wilkinson Road.
Trail Details:  Great trails, chicken/eagle split, food, beer, and inanity.
What Can I Bring:  Dogs and kids are welcome.
Register Here:  https://hashrego.com/events/bh4-25th-anniversary-2017
It's Also a Campout:  Don't worry about driving, book a campsite or a cabin at the Susquehanna State Park on the Acorn Loop.
Pre-Lube Trail:  Friday, October 27, 7pm, in Harve de Grace or the campground and park itself. 

Sunday 10/29- 

What? Post Lube Social

When? Sunday Funday, 10/29, around 3pm, at Catherine Rooney’s in Newark, 102 E. Main St, Newark, De 19711 following our 25th Anniversary. 

No hare, no trail, no hash cash, and no pre-registration required. Just drop by if you feel like it for a drink or a bite, and watch Newark’s Famous Halloween parade go by, which may feature a few former and current attendees of the hash, that we can wave to and possibly embarrass. Halloweenie costumes encouraged but not required. As well as bringing candy to hand out to the ravenous children.

If one wishes to avoid the annoying traffic and parking situation downtown, possible alternatives include parking up by Necro and Pubes place around the Fairfield Neighborhood and walking down, or parking at Curtis Mill Park on Paper Mill Road and doing the same.

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25 years ago today, I followed in the steps of many before me (on every continent) and started a running club in DelaWHERE?
 The first run was a complete cluster and a blast at the same time.  The run ended by a waterfall, some friends had thrown the park rangers off our scent long enough for us to kick the keg, and then the party continued, first at the Down Under, then back at the dorm.
 To the many I have run with over the years, to those who have carried the Blue Hen Hash on your backs for months or years, being too stubborn to let it die, to those who I have met through our rag-tag group, and those who have just enjoyed a beer with us: Thanks for being part of this amazing adventure and social experiment.
 I hope to see you all again, be it on trail, at the pub, or just over coffee. Regardless of whether our paths cross again, you're permanently etched in my thoughts, and I hope that things are going swimmingly.  
   Fuk Stik
 The Blue Hen Hash is...on the piss again!

  "We are MoTown.  We are professionals.  We're here to get the job done."

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