[BH4] 25 Years...Wow! Anniversary Schedule.

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I'm at a swim meet with the kids. See you wankers tonight.

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> I try to show up to this hash. Been driving around fucking Susquehanna
> State Park for around 35 minutes. Giving up, going home
> On Oct 24, 2017, at 20:46, jaws099--- via Bh4 <bh4 at lists.udlug.org> wrote:
> And on that note, here is a consolidated schedule of this cumming weekends
> festivities:
> *Thursday 10/26*
> *What:  *Blue Hen Hash Costumed Holloweeine Trail!
> *Who:*  Dirty Wet Pussy and Mystery BH4 Hare
> *When:*  *Thursday, October 26, 2017  at 7:00pm*. Pre lube starting at
> 6pm -- just belly up to the bar and buy yourself a drink.
> *Why: * Let's get this party weekend started!  We are celebrating 25
> years of Blue Hen Hashing!  This will be the first of several trails. The
> Main event a joint trail with BH4 & H4 at Susquehanna State Park. REGO for
> Saturday trail on Hashrego.com so we know how much beer and food to
> provide.  Don't know how to use hashrego or just hate the high tech stuff
> let me know we will find a way to get you on the list.
> *What Else:*  I know a lot of you wankers like to strut your stuff and
> terrify the locals of Newark.  So get your costume together.  Time to get
> creative. Trail have little or no shiggy.  Prize for best costume!!!
> *What to Wear:  *Duh, a costume ... or one may be provided for you!
> Where: it is a Blue Hen so let's say Deerpark Tavern.
> *Erections:*  Deer Park Tavern <http://www.deerparktavern.com/Directions>, 108
> W Main St, Newark, DE  19711-3229.  Lost? running late? Call Dirty
> 302-753-5162 <(302)%20753-5162>
> ____________________________________________
> *Friday 10/27-Saturday 10/28*
> *What:*  Blue Hen Hash's 25th Analversary -- a Hockessin/BH3 Joint Hash
> *What to Expect:*  A great trail, heaps of beer, camping, idiocy, and too
> much fun.
> *When:*  Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 2 pm
> *Where:*  Susquehanna State Park in Harve de Grace, MD- Starts at
> Pavillion 2, 4122 Wilkinson Road.
> *Trail Details:*  Great trails, chicken/eagle split, food, beer, and
> inanity.
> *What Can I Bring:*  Dogs and kids are welcome.
> *Register Here: * https://hashrego.com/events/bh4-25th-anniversary-2017
> *It's Also a Campout:  *Don't worry about driving, book a campsite or a
> cabin at the Susquehanna State Park on the Acorn Loop.
> *Pre-Lube Trail:*  Friday, October 27, 7pm, in Harve de Grace or the
> campground and park itself.
> *______________________________*
> *Sunday 10/29- *
> *What? *Post Lube Social
> *When? *Sunday Funday, 10/29, around 3pm, at Catherine Rooney’s in
> Newark, 102 E. Main St, Newark, De 19711 following our 25th Anniversary.
> No hare, no trail, no hash cash, and no pre-registration required. Just
> drop by if you feel like it for a drink or a bite, and watch Newark’s
> Famous Halloween parade go by, which may feature a few former and current
> attendees of the hash, that we can wave to and possibly embarrass.
> Halloweenie costumes encouraged but not required. As well as bringing candy
> to hand out to the ravenous children.
> If one wishes to avoid the annoying traffic and parking situation
> downtown, possible alternatives include parking up by Necro and Pubes place
> around the Fairfield Neighborhood and walking down, or parking at Curtis
> Mill Park on Paper Mill Road and doing the same.
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> All,
> 25 years ago today, I followed in the steps of many before me (on every
> continent) and started a running club in DelaWHERE?
> The first run was a complete cluster and a blast at the same time. The run
> ended by a waterfall, some friends had thrown the park rangers off our
> scent long enough for us to kick the keg, and then the party continued,
> first at the Down Under, then back at the dorm.
> To the many I have run with over the years, to those who have carried the
> Blue Hen Hash on your backs for months or years, being too stubborn to let
> it die, to those who I have met through our rag-tag group, and those who
> have just enjoyed a beer with us: Thanks for being part of this amazing
> adventure and social experiment.
> I hope to see you all again, be it on trail, at the pub, or just over
> coffee. Regardless of whether our paths cross again, you're permanently
> etched in my thoughts, and I hope that things are going swimmingly.
> ON ON!
>    Fuk Stik
> The Blue Hen Hash is...on the piss again!
> ---
>   "We are MoTown.  We are professionals.  We're here to get the job done."
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