[BH4] anniversary prelube or postlube?

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Sun Sep 10 19:33:30 CDT 2017

Dearest Bluehenners,

The next BH4 hash is scheduled for Friday, September 29th, around 6 something pm in the area of Kennett Square, PA,

And unless someone wants to hare after that, our next hash will be our 25th anniversary the weekend of October 27th-28th at the campground in Havre De' Grace, MD.

Since some folks will be arriving to set up camp on Friday Oct. 27th, our founder and GM emiratus and myself have agreed that it would be much, much easier to hold any friday night festivities there. However this leaves open the option of having a pre-lube hash event on Thursday evening 10/26, or a post-lube event on Sunday afternoon 10/28 in Newark for folks who can't make it to the campground.

If possible I would like this to be a halloween themed pub-crawl or house-crawl style hash. Which means a trail with no shiggy that shall not exceed 2.26 miles, since we will likely get plenty of that at the official anniversary run in Maryland. 

And, if possible I would like to not hare this myself, as I have already volunteered my efforts to help out with the festivities at the campground. Now I could, I suppose easily enough talk one of our current regulars into haring this.

However, I would first like to reach out to any of our former regulars, who haven't made it out or hared in a while to see if they would be interested in doing that. And there are several interesting options for financing this, if that's what you are worried about. If interested feel free to confer with yours truly, MFP who is still somewhat familiar with the scene here in the 19711 area code.

And I would like to make it clear that I am just looking for a hare. I am NOT taking a poll to see what all the busy people, who will not be joining us are up to that weekend. So please respond only if your response is along the line of "Yes MFP, I am interested in doing this, Thursday evening 10/26 or Sunday afternoon 10/28 would be easier for me. But I have a few questions...Or I don't"

Thank you for your understanding.

Your current GM,

Mary Fucking Poppins.   
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