[BH4] Guide to Fitnesss, 5K and BASH registration forms are due now

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Fri Mar 21 17:30:23 CDT 2008

Ok PhillyFIT  Gang...
1) New to our  mag...a "Guide to Fitness" that will basically be a yellow 
pages type of listing  of anything and everything fitness ....Health Clubs, Yoga 
and Pilates Studios,  Tai Chi, Dance Classes, Tae Bo, Martial arts, Biking 
Clubs, Walking/Running  Clubs, anything that is exercise related that our readers 
can know they will  find something to do to get fit in our mag....It's not a 
display ad...if you buy  one of those, you get this listing free...otherwise, 
the listing is a nominal  $350 per year (only $60 per issue!). Email me back 
the following  info:
Company Name: 
and attach your  logo. We accept all  major credit cars. One time fee.
2) The 5K or the 1  mile fun walk (also a DOG WALK!) is now due if you are 
planning on getting a  cool shirt for free with your entry. All proceeds benefit 
four local charities.  Go online to _www.phillyfit.com_ 
(blocked::blocked::http://www.phillyfit.com/)  to view  which charities and get the form. Also 
available, a form to print out if you  wanted to get sponsors to support your walk 
and pay your entry fee of $20. Free  Admission to the BASH with your 
walk/race number as your  pass!
3) BASH  vendors...again, it's time now to be signed up..the vendor meeting 
will be  taking place on Sunday, April 13th, from 1:30 - 2:30...you must be 
signed up  prior to that and RSVP if you are attending the meeting please. We'll 
discuss  anything and everything from layout fo the event, entertainment, 
logistics of  the 5K and the BASH on the same day (very busy event), etc. 
Registration forms  are on our website. If you are an attendee, not a vendor, it's a 
nominal $5.00  to get into the BASH. 
4) Last, but not  least..the May/June issue: If anyone was planing on having 
your ad in the issue  that is being handed out at the BASH, you need to get it 
to us now, deadline is  early: April 1st. We are putting the mag out April 
15th, rather than May  1st...to ensure extra promotion of the BASH just prior, 
and having a fresh new  issue hot off the presses to hand out that day too!
phew, sorry this  turned out to be a long one! 
Jami Appenzeller-Yancey
_www.phillyfit.com_ (blocked::blocked::http://www.phillyfit.com/) 
Ask me about the 7th PhillyFIT Bash and  our PhillyFIT 5K coming Sunday, 
April 27th,  located at Velocity Sports Performance Center, Veterans Lane 
(Jacksonville and  Street Rds.), Warminster, PA
our new "mini-mag" in the mail, special  'zoned' issues.


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