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Hi  Guys...
Letting you know some upcoming 'stuff' with PhillyFIT..for both readers and  
advertisers (yes, I am about to convert these emails to newsletter format...am 
 getting there, bare with me):
We had a truly blessed event on Sunday, April 27th (the 7th PhillyFIT  BASH), 
considering the weather teased us all morning as it rained on our tables  and 
chairs before opening, it cleared out in time for the 5K and the BASH! We  
had a steady flow of attendee's, and a ton of fun watching the showcased stage  
performances...DJ Phil Sciscione ROCKED the house, and the live jazz  band 
'Klemmer-Hill-Reid' played for almost 4 hours straight and just  totally blew us 
all away they are so great! We had almost a huge variety  of vendors, and 
attendees left with bags packed with everything from  samples of healthy dog foods 
and snacks to health and beauty samples...you name  it, they tried it! If our 
photographer Sharon Shipe photographed you at the  event, you can contact us 
to see about obtaining a copy of the photo from  her.
We look forward to the upcoming 8th PhillyFIT BASH hopefully late  November, 
this one will be indoors of course, and the theme is HOLIDAY  SHOPPING! 
Vendors are bringing all their gift ideas and will have them  ready to sell you at 
the event..and gift wrapping table will even handle  preparing your gifts to 
give away while you enjoy the bash! You'll leave  with your entire health and 
fitness holiday shopping,  completed! Details to be posted shortly online, 
_www.phillyfit.com_ (http://www.phillyfit.com) 
WHY is this the best time to advertise in PhillyFIT? The July/Aug issue is  a 
fantastic time to advertise, everyone is reading magazines by the pool, on 
the  beach...taking their time to not miss a page! They are looking at their 
bodies  up close, rather than covered by winter clothing. This is the time that a 
lot of  people make a commitment to 'do something about it in the fall', and 
once summer  is over, they immediately hop back on the fitness bandwagon. 
Capture their  attention NOW while they will be making decisions on 'what to do' 
about  it!
For those of you who wish to advertise in PhillyFIT, we have three new  
sections we've added to our July/August issue: PhillyFIT goes  GREEN - a guide to 
holistic health. This ongoing section features  everything pure and natural, 
and healthy to our enviornment. If your business  fits this theme, contact us 
now, deadline is almost here. Next, our new  business card page...simply email 
us your business card, and  we'll place it on the page as is. Cost is a minimal 
$200 and includes color (we  have a half size for $100 also!) Lastly, our 
"Guide to  Fitness", the PhillyFIT yellow pages of anything fitness in this area. 
 For only $350 a year (only $59 per issue!) your company name, address, phone 
and  website is featured, along with your logo. Again, just email it on 
it..Deadline  is almost her for the July/Aug issue. So, for those of you who simply 
cannot  find it in your budget to advertise right now, this Guide keeps you 
in our  magazine and keeps our readers remembering to call YOU for your unique  
That's it for now, but not for long. Something is always evolving here at  
PhillyFIT Magazine, and of course, we'll be sharing it all with you.
Jami  Appenzeller-Yancey
_www.phillyfit.com_ (http://www.phillyfit.com/) 

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